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DUO Dining Room & Bar

DUO Current Menu


** Daily specials available on site **

Signature Light Meals


Spicy pork & chive wonton soup, topped with egg ribbons, spring onions, chilli oil    18 (DF)


Crispy eggplant, fragrant Sichuan sticky sauce, pickled ginger    18 (VG, DF)

Pork belly Bao buns (x2), topped with cucumber, crushed chilli peanuts and spring onion    16 (DF)​

Chinese fried chicken with Sriracha mayo, crushed peanuts    18 (DF)


Steamed Dumplings ( 8 pieces) - options: 

Pork & prawn    |    Chicken & mushroom   |   Vegetarian  (Vegan)    

freshly made daily, served with crushed chilli peanuts, spring onions, spicy vinegar sauce    16



Thai yellow curry, roasted pumpkin, fried tofu, vegetables, cashew nuts, served with steamed rice    25 (VG, GFA) 

Wakanui beef cheek and potatoes Massaman curry, served with steamed rice  30 ( GFA)

Sweet and sour pork with capsicum, pineapples, onion, served with steamed rice    26 (DF)

Mongolian stir-fried lamb with cumin, chilli, capsicum, Asian green, served with steamed rice     29 (DF)

Steamed salmon fillet, served with steamed  seasonable vegetables and steamed rice   34  (DF, GFA)

Katsu chicken burger with Korean Gochujang, cheese, Asian slaw, served with French fries     25




Steamed seasonal vegetables   14 

French fries with aioli & ketchup   10 

Fried wontons with Thai sweet chilli sauce    12 

Polenta fries, toped with parmesan cheese served with siracha mayo on the side   12

Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce   10 

Steamed rice   4.5  

House0 made spicy peanuts    8  ** great to share wit




Ice cream sundae  - Japanese green tea and black sesame ice cream  14

DUO  cheesecake served with premium ice cream    16


                    *** DF : Dairy Free |  GF : Gluten free |  GFA: GF available |  VG: Vegetarian

                    Note:   Some dishes may contain gluten, dairy and sesame seeds | Please specify your allergy ***